Hokuto No Ken, otherwise known as Fist Of The North Star, is a classic manga series written by Buronson, and Illustrated by Testuo Hara. It tells the tale of Kenshiro, the successor to a deadly fighting style known has Hokuto Shinken, who fights to protect the week and innocent. Hokuto Shinken gives him the ability to kill most adversaries from within through the use of the human body's secret vital points

Since the first time I watched the Fist Of The North Star Movie on VHS way back when, I was hooked! I think is was the characters, the action and the violence that grabbed me straight away. Being a fan of the series, and illustration in general, I was naturally pretty hyped to discover that there was an Hokuto No Ken Artbook entitled Hokuto Ultimate.

I had to get this book asap, but the only problem was that its a pretty weighty book, which meant shipping would cost a bomb! Fortunately, my friends where heading over to Japan for a few weeks and were kind enough to try and find the book for me….low and behld, they found it and I’m truly grateful...This is a fantastic book, thanks guys! :)


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