I had the pleasure of working with The Birmingham Repertory Theatre as a Assistant Digital Artist on their production, The Honey Man. My role was to first, redesign their existing promotional flyer, to appeal to a new, younger market. Their aim was to draw in a new audience to the play, and to the theatre in general, of people who usually wouldn't go to the theatre.

Once the Flyer Design was complete, the next step of the project was to assist in the production of the play. Because The Honey Man' used digital projection within the play, there would be key scenes within it that would need specifc backgrounds and actions. For this, I was needed to edit existing imagery to suit each scene. These edits would include separating background elements, composition changes and recolouring clothes etc.

Once all of the digital elements of the play were completed, the next step of the project was to create a promotional trailer which would used on Youtube and on the official 'Honey Man' website. The trailer consisted of custom text animations and transitions, and I also designed elements such as namecards and splash screens. Working as a Assistant Digital Artist on ‘The Honey Man’ was a terrific experience for me.


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