Project 365 came about through a discussion with a long time friend @DirtyRobot. He had decided that he was going to create one piece of Illustration a day for a year and had suggested that I get involved wit it too. At the time, this sounded a little crazy to me. Because of my general work commitments, freelance work and other activities, there would be no way that I would be able to keep up with the demands...

But then it hit me, Illustration has always been my 1st love in terms being a creative, and I’d often spoken to him, mentioning that I’d love to have more time to do more illustrations….so then I thought, you know what?…why not! Its gives me the perfect opportunity to illustrate everyday, I will help me to become more productive, but most importantly, I can experiment and have fun with it!

I must say that I’m having a blast with it, and while at times, it is hard to keep up with my schedule, I am determined to complete this daily drawing challenge, simply because I want to! My love of illustration has been strenghtened because of this, and I feel very positive about the potential ideas and concepts that will come from this challenge :)


You can check out the different areas of my Portfolio below to see what kind of work I do…hope you enjoy :)





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