Hey! I’d just like to introduce you to Santana! She is an 8 year old Girl who loves her natural hair :) I was randomly sketching one day, and ended up drawing a cute little girl who had afro puffs and a missing tooth. Every so often, I found myself sketching her again and again and it was at that pont that I realised I had the basis of a character that I wanted to do something with…

For young people of colour, I believe that diversity and representation is so important…to have someone who looks like you, has the same kind of hair as you etc, to be shown in a positive light, can greatly enhance their thoughts about themselves and others around them, but can also reinforce the pride they have in themseves about who they are.

Its so easy to be influenced by what you see on TV or hear in the playgrounds, and this is speaking from personal experience, so this is my way of giving back…I plan to write and illustrate a series of books showing of Satana’s many adventures. Weaved throughout theses stories will be messages of positivity,having the courage to follow your dreams and learning to love and accept yourself regardless of what others say.

I’ve been blessed with the talents I have, and feel that I’ve been put here to make a positive difference, and that is the aim with Santana’s Stories…Keep an eye out on the site for more developments…:)


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