Throughout the course of my career, I have also created video content, such as promo trailers and tutorials, for the likes of The Birmingham Rep and Electronic Dojo. Whenever the opportunity arises, I am always keen to create new video content as it is a goal of my to expand my knowledege and be come a well rounded, adaptive, creative.

A teaser trailer I put together for The Birmingham Repertory Theatre, promoting the production 'The Honey Man'.

Here I describe how I went about designing the poster for Electronic Dojo's latest major event "VSFighting 4".

A promo trailer I created for Electronic Dojo, designed to promote their upcoming Major Event, VSFighting 5

A tutorial showing how I went through the process of designing the VS Fighting II poster for Electroic Dojo,v

The Official Launch trailer that I created for Electronic Dojo's 'VSFighting 5' event.

Here is a short recap of the Birmingham leg of the Street Fighter V UK Tour which took place on the 10th July 2015.

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